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When someone is called a 5head, they’re usually really smart. The idea is that big foreheads = more brain = bigger smart.

person 1: *solves something
person 2: you see that! That is a 5head moment right there
by Zimbaycoleo December 8, 2020


When people fit more than 4 fingers on their forehead, it is no longer called a forehead anymore. It is called a 5head or «fivehead» when they fit all 5 fingers or more on their forehead.

Guy 1: DAMN! that girl’s 5head is like BIG, LIKE a HUMMER WINDSHIELD!

Guy 1: What does zoe and rihanna have in common?
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: 5Heads

Girl 1: I have a forehead
Girl 2: I have a 5head.
Girl 1: If I had a 5head, I’d go fuck a dead goat and then suicide.
Girl 2: I’m going to do that right now.

Girl: Whenever I facepalm myself, it fails because my hand covers my 5head but now my face

by mr. sub February 28, 2011


The word forehead doesn’t describe the size of the forehead enough, thus the word: «5head»

1: «Wow he’s got such a big forehead. Who is that?»
2: «Oh him? That’s Twitch streamer Juice, that’s not a forehead, that’s a 5head»
1: «damn»

by Hentai Daddy June 20, 2020


Someone that has a big ass forehead thus the name 5head.
man:you got a 5head
also man(probably crying at this point)
by snappedfingers January 26, 2022


1.) Noun; a very large forehead that is so large you can fit your entire hand on just your forehead.

2.) Verb; When you place all five fingers on your forehead and your face in your palm in an act of disappointment or frustration. Can be used to shorthand show disappointment when texting. Syn: facepalm, headdesk

1.) Rihanna’s forehead is a 5head and is bigger than my future.

2.) Person 1: «So I got home to see all these cars outside my house thinking everyone did remember my birthday and it was just the neighbors throwing a house party for some football game. 5head.»

5Head Meaning

5Head Emote

The 5Head emote is used when someone says something intelligent or is pretending to be very intelligent. It is generally used when someone does a highly skilled play or when they are being mocked for a poor play.

Released: 2018

5Head Emote Origin

5Head is a distorted image based on the popular 4Head emote which is an image of Cadburry, a popular League of Legends streamer. It is a popular emote due to the large head that is somewhat reminiscent of the Brain in “Pinky and the Brain.”

What is a Moxxer on Twitch?

The 5Head emote was often spammed in xQc’s chat while m0xyy was talking, due to a chart that was posted on Reddit that showed when certain emotes were “supposed” to be used. For 5Head, the command read, “Big brain plays, or when someone genuinely smart like m0xy is talking.”

The fans of m0xxy called themselves “Moxxers” and with the popularity of the emote skyrocketing and becoming associated with the player, any image that is distorted to look similar to the 5Head emote is also given the term.

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5Head Meaning

The 5Head emote is used when the chat, or viewers of a Twitch channel, want to tell the streamer that his statement or gameplay is very smart.

Posted at November 23, 2020 · 2 minutes to read

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5Head Twitch Emote Meaning

With the 5Head emote you can highlight when a streamer or professional player is making a masterful or smart move or he is speaking wisely. Their forheads are so huge that it can fit five fingers on it.

The 5Head emote can also be used with ironic connotations. Many times the chat will spam it to tell the streamer they are doing stupid things or saying something dumb.

This was the first emote to highlight the smartness with which a streamer was speaking or playing. After this emote, others have arrived, almost always accompanied by the text 200IQ, which means that the streamer’s IQ is over 200.

5Head Emote Origin

The origin of 5Head emote is the head of a famous League of Legends streamer. The emote picture shows us the deformed head of Cadburry, one of the most well known players in the League of Legends scene. His head was shaped in a way that makes it look like he has a huge brain.

The first time we saw the emote was in 2018. Its popularity spread like wildfire due to the continuous spam in the communities of Cadburry and of the arch-rivals Canadian and xQc. In fact, xQc fans would spam the emote, non-stop, when m0xyy was talking to indicate that someone super smart was talking.

On March 15, 2018 it was available on FrankerFacez.

How is 5Head Pronounced?

5Head is pronounced as the number 5, plus the word head: “5-head”.


The emote 5head is used to emphasize the streamer’s intelligence. It is also used when the streamer makes a smart move in the game. In addition, Cadburry’s head is also used to speak ironically about the streamer’s intelligence or to express that what is happening is idiotic.

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Pepega Meaning

Pepega is an ironic Emote and insult used when someone says or does something stupid or thoughtless.

widepeepoHappy Meaning

widepeepoHappy is an emote and term we use to show that we are extremely happy.

WeirdChamp Meaning

The emote and term WeirdChamp is used to show your dissatisfaction or disappointment with something the streamer has said or done.

Pog Meaning

The emote and term Pog are used when the streamer has made a great move or has defeated a difficult enemy.


The 5Head emote is used when someone says or does something very smart, or pretends to be particularly intelligent. It shows a picture of Cadburry, a popular League Of Legends streamer, with a heavily distorted head.

The 5Head emote is based on the 4Head emote, which also shows Cadburry’s head. However, Cadburry’s head is so distorted that it looks like he has a huge brain. This makes the 5Head emote reminiscent of «Brain» from «Pinky and Brain.»

But what does 5Head mean? Of course, the 5Head meaning always depends on the intention, but mostly it is used to describe a statement or play as intelligent. However, as is common with emotes and memes, it can also mean the exact opposite and be used ironically. In such a case, it expresses that someone is doing or saying something stupid and you want to mock them for it.

The fivehead meme first appeared in 2018. Its popularity increased rapidly in the following months, after which the communities of Cadburry and xQc started using it more regularly. So it’s not surprising that the 5Head emote is one of the most popular emotes on Twitch today.

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