Как стать патроном в kunoichi trainer бесплатно
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Как стать патроном в kunoichi trainer бесплатно

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Kunoichi Trainer (18+) 0.23.1 Мод (полная версия)

Kunoichi Trainer (18+) 0.23.1 Мод (полная версия)

NARUTO: Kunoichi Trainer (18+) — юмористически-откровенный фанфик по вселенной Наруто. Мультяшную рисовку, откровенный контент, систему выбора, сюжет и всё прочее фанаты категории с удовольствием обнаружат на просторах этого проекта. Главный герой несколько суток смотрел всем понятно какое аниме. После чего потерял сознание от усталости и непостижимым образом оказался перед Коноху. Его встречают три героини, что, оказывается, очень ждали его. Это то ли сон, то ли реальность. Но в любом случае персонаж не собирается упускать такую возможность и развивает кипучую деятельность по обустройству в любимом для него мире.

Kunoichi Trainer Patreon Code (2023)


Kunoichi Trainer is an interesting conversational adventure game aimed at fans of Naruto who are of legal age. The game’s anime-styled visuals are of high quality, and it features a plethora of familiar characters from the Naruto Universe.

In Kunoichi Trainer, you play as a young protagonist who was accidentally teleported into the fictional Naruto world after watching the anime for several days at home.

Now at the main entrance of Konocha, you are greeted by three female characters who mistook you for a trainer they were anticipating. Confused by this, you will have no other option but to play along by assuming the role of a trainer.

In addition to exploring different locations on the map and completing several missions and side quests that provide coins that can be used to buy gifts, Kunoichi Trainer gameplay mainly revolves around building relationships with the girls by interacting with them.

It is a pretty addictive game per se, but if you are looking to enjoy your gaming experience by gaining access to exclusive scenes reserved only for patreons, then here’s all the Kunoichi Trainer patreon code to utilize right now.

Kunoichi Trainer Patreon Code

For one thing, becoming a Patreon member requires spending real-world money. So assuming you aren’t financially stable but want to gain access to the extra costumes and events in-game, here are all the available Kunoichi Trainer Patreon codes to make use of.

Patreon Code 1

Patreon Code 2

How to Activate Kunoichi Trainer Patreon Code

The steps to activate Kunoichi Trainer Patreon code are pretty simple and straightforward. So to get this one going, simply follow the steps below:

To begin with, open Kunoichi Trainer and head over to the main menu.

From here, click on the Settings tab, followed by the text that says “Enter Patreon Code.”

Now go ahead and type in the Kunoichi Trainer patreon email into the first box and click ok.

Another window will pop up almost immediately; simply enter the Kunoichi Trainer Patreon code into the provided box and click OK once again.

That’s it. You should hear a sound if the code is valid, and you can now go ahead and view those special scenes.

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