Could not import 1 of 1 items reaper что делать
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Could not import 1 of 1 items reaper что делать

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Не могу добавить аудиофайл на дорожку в reaper

Дмитрий Р Просветленный (29059) Максим Торопчин, у меня в reaper 5 перетаскиваются мп3, без проблем. Могу посоветовать работать с другими форматами, или перевести mp3 в wav (конвертер:

Дмитрий РПросветленный (29059) 2 года назад
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Could not import 1 of 1 items reaper что делать

Drop and drag mp3 files gives me the «Could not import 1 of 1 items!» box.

If I INSERT> Media, it drops in 2 measures only and shows OFFLINE, no waveform, no playback.

I can convert to wav and they’ll drop in just fine.

I found an old thread discussing this and made sure under
Preferences> General> Paths that Store all peach caches in alternate path
is set to the Users\AppData\Local\Temp\REAPEAKS and that (under Media)
«Store peak caches in alternate path if unable to write to media file directory» was checked, too.

This is a gigantic pain in the ass, any help is much appreciated.

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Which program did you use to create the mp3? And did converting it with another tool into mp3 do the same thing?

Is it happening with all mp3s or just selected ones? Was it always the same way or did it «just start» recently?

Is it the same thing with FLAC, video, off, opus, etc?

Meo-Ada Mespotine
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MP3s were emailed to me, just found out they were purchased on iTunes. (Even after converting to wav, importing into my sessin, editing, and then re-rendering to a new mp3 file, the metadata still showed up in Windows Media Player displaying the name of the artist and song title from the 1st of the 3 songs I mashed up — perhaps it’s an iTunes anti-piracy thing?)

When I take the wav file that I converted it into and convert it back to mp3, the new mp3 imports properly into a session.

This is the first time this has ever happened to me, but I’m on a brand new Lenovo P70 laptop Win 10. I just tried importing mp3s I have, both purchased ones and self made, and both imported properly.

(I don’t have any video or FLAC files to test out.)

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@keeppracticing, could you please share the file with me, so I’ll try to investigate? Of course, I’ll delete it after.

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MP3 files emailed over, thanks!

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5 Fixes to REAPER Could Not Import 1 of 1 Item Explained

Many related organizations, small businesses, and even individuals need to streamline their audio-related projects in their daily routines. Also, only some of the available audio streaming software offer that many options, and one often needs to switch tabs to handle multiple tasks. However, REAPER resolves all these issues in no time by offering a wide range of features.

Now, it is very easy to edit, produce, transform, and customize audio using this all-in-one software. Moreover, it even allows you to import, resize, crossfade, resize, and overdub audio files. However, many users have recently reported facing a REAPER error on importing 1 of 1 item. There could be multiple reasons behind this, so here in this guide, we will outline some fixes to help you overcome this error.

image 111

5 Fixes to REAPER Could Not Import 1 of 1 Items Error

There could be multiple reasons behind facing an error related to importing 1 of 1 item. A corrupt file is the most prominent issue of the unsupported file type error, along with the incorrect file name and incomplete download file. But all of these issues are resolvable if taken care of accordingly. Read some of the fixes below and try importing files once again:

Fix 1. Troubleshooting and Importing an Acceptable File

So, facing “REAPER Error: Could not import 1 of 1 items!” requires some troubleshooting to fix the issue. The first issue could be that the file you are trying to import is corrupt or not saved properly. In such a case, reaching out to the source and extracting the file again could resolve the issue.

In fact, if you are collaborating with someone, you can ask them to email the file again and download it properly. Here, you can also use some of the best file repair software to fix the original file version. We have listed a few software below so that you can start fixing files easily.

  • Wondershare Repairit
  • Stellar File/Photo/Video Repair Toolkit
  • Repair Toolbox

Fix 2. Unsupported File Type

Another reason behind this error could be an unsupported file type. REAPER only supports specific types of file formats. The possible fix to this issue is to either get a supported file type or change your current file to the required file format. Moreover, to better understand supported file formats, you can check the list on their official website using this link.

Additionally, if your file format doesn’t fall in that category, you need some file converters to assist you in getting out of this trouble. Check the software and tools listed below and convert files easily:

Fix 3. File Name Containing Accented Characters

The other possible reason could be that your file is saved with accented characters. These characters have diacritics appearing above them. To resolve this, you will need to change your file’s title to plain English alphabets, and you will be all set to import the file again without any REAPER error.

file name containing unwanted characters

Fix 4. Enhance Your Audio File with VLC

Sometimes the audio files you are trying to import might not be supported in the media player on your device. So this makes it difficult for REAPER to select the audio directories as the output format. In such a case, explore your browser and download the VLC media player. This media player supports a wide range of audio formats and acts as the best tool to run audio.

Fix 5. Make Changes to the REAPER Resource Path

There might be some issues with the REAPER’s resource path, which can also be the case behind the audio file import error. However, there is a valid fix to get this issue resolved. For this, you will need to download some ffmpeg files via website.

Here, download the “Latest Release” under the “Release Builds” section and then extract those files to the REAPER resource path and try importing audio files again.

make changes to reaper resource path

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does REAPER have any limitations on the trial version?

No, there aren’t any limitations on the trial version, as REAPER offers full-fledged features to its users. However, if you face any limitations using the trial license, this could be due to not installing the software completely. Here, re-install the software entirely and try using the trial version again.

2. What file types are the easiest ones to import in REAPER?

The most common file types that show no import error are WAV and MP3. However, dozens of file options, such as audio, videos, music, image, and MIDI, can be easily imported. But among all of them, MP3 and WAV files only show an import error once and if they are fully corrupted.

3. How to change render to file settings to check if REAPER supports the new ffmpeg codex?

Checking whether REAPER supports the new ffmpeg codex is easy using the render settings. For this, access your device’s REAPER software and head to the “File” tab in the upper left corner. From the drop-down list, choose the “Render” option to open the render options menu.

There, hit the “Primary Output Format” tab and change the “Format” to “Video (ffmpeg/libav encounter)” to access further options. Next, change the “Format” below to “QT/MOV/MP4” and make sure that “Video Codec” is set to “H.264.” Afterward, hit the “Save Settings” button, re-open REAPER, and check importing files.


REAPER, as discussed, is the most productive software to handle all types of audio-related projects. Whether it is about producing, customizing, or overdubbing audio files, this tool always stands out as the best. So, if you are still facing any issues with file import, check out the five fixes mentioned in this guide. These fixes will quickly resolve your issues to help you manage audio projects easily.

REAPER Could Not Import 1 Of 1 Items (Step-By-Step Fix)

Home Music Maker

If you are having trouble importing media items into REAPER, there is either something wrong with the file you are trying to import, or it is an invalid file format. Although REAPER is compatible with a long list of file types, there are a few that it does not support.

Contents show

Trouble Importing A Media Item In REAPER

What is incredible about the average modern DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is that it allows music producers to work with many different media files such as audio, music, video, image, and MIDI.

However, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to import a file into your REAPER project only for REAPER to say, ‘REAPER Error: Could Not Import 1 of 1 Items!’.

In this step-by-step guide, I will walk you through how to import media items into REAPER.

REAPER Error Could Not Import 1 of 1 Items

Sometimes, you will get an error message in REAPER that says, ‘REAPER Error: Could Not Import 1 of 1 Items’.

This means that the file you are trying to import is either corrupt/not intact or an unsupported file format.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

Here is a list of what you will need to follow in this tutorial:

  • A file converter in some cases (very unlikely)

Step One – Troubleshoot

The first thing you will want to do if REAPER gives you the message, ‘REAPER Error: Could Not Import 1 of 1 Items!’ is some troubleshooting to figure out your problem.

Your problem could be either that the file you are trying to import has issues or is corrupt, or it could be that you are trying to import a file type that REAPER does not support.


Step Two – Getting An Acceptable File

If your problem is that the file is corrupt or missing data, you will need to go back to the source where you received it and get an intact file.

This could mean emailing the person you’re collaborating with to get an acceptable media file, getting the desired file from a different source, or maybe even just re-downloading the file.

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